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If you see someone without a smile… give them one of yours.

Updated: Feb 18

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Smiling… It’s such a small simple thing to do, sometimes we don’t even realise we are doing it. When we are feeling good, we can whip one up without even thinking about it. And even if we are having a bad day if we try hard enough, most of us can muster a smile. Every time we smile, and someone else sees it, we have, without even trying, just managed to spread a little joy. We may have even lifted the spirits of someone we have never met or will ever see again.

That's the thing about a smile, it is contagious, it multiplies with very little effort.

It's crazy how such a simple thing can have such a profound effect on those around us, wherever we are. It costs absolutely nothing and uses very little energy, yet the impact can be huge.

We are naturally attracted to people who smile, people who are genuinely happy and smile a lot come across as warm and approachable, therefore smiling can be a great asset to the work force. A boss who smiles is going to get a much better response from his or her staff making the work place a happier place therefore upping productivity.

A genuine smile can be infectious, and almost everyone looks better, prettier, or more handsome when they are smiling. When you smile and you mean it, your eyes will smile too, giving you a glint or sparkle that you just can’t fake. So, if you want to look your best, get happy, get smiling!

Having a bad day? Going through a rough patch? Can’t manage to muster up a smile. Fake it… fake it long enough and you may well find yourself smiling naturally, oh… and whilst you are trying to fake smile, think of something that made you laugh out loud or smile recently, you smile will takes its natural place and will light up your face and lift your mood.

A smile a day keeps the negatives away 😊

Happy World Smile Day!!

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