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Why Feeling Sad Doesn’t Mean You’re a Negative Person

Updated: Apr 29

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The misconception with positive thinking that a positive thinker is happy and upbeat all the time. That's just not true at all.

Positive thinkers are just like everyone else, bad things happen. Sad things happen. Negative situations raise their heads. And yes, positive thinkers have bad days too. The only difference between someone who has a positive outlook and someone who doesn’t is that the positive thinker doesn’t dwell too long on the bad stuff, they put their energies into letting go of the hurt and to finding a way forward.

All emotions are valid and important. To ignore them or to push them down and pretend they aren’t there is not only unhelpful at the time but undealt with can cause mental health and even physical health problems.

There’s not one of us who hasn’t had some trial or tribulation come up and knock us for six. Feeling sad, angry, frustrated, fearful, hurt, uncertain, tearful, doubtful, annoyed, uncertain, upset, scared, offended etc. These feelings are perfectly normal and should be treated as such.

Feeling guilty or frustrated because you have negative emotions is counterproductive and will only prolong the agony of what you were dealing with in the first place.

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'The goal isn't to get rid of all your negative thoughts, feelings and life situations. That's impossible. The goal is to change your response to them.' - Unknown

When you find yourself filled with negative emotions, stop for a moment, listen to whet they are telling you. Feel your sadness, vent your anger, cry your tears, let them out, feel them, I mean really feel them. They are yours after all.

Then when you are ready, you will find a solution to the problem/circumstance or situation, a way of dealing with it. Or if it’s something completely out of your control you will find a different way of looking at it, one that serves you.

However good anyone else’s life looks on the outside, we are all dealing with and trying to overcome things we didn’t want or expect. We are all just doing the best we can. Negative emotions are just there to let us know that something is wrong, or at least not right. Don’t ignore them.

Sadness is not being negative, dwelling and wallowing in it is.

Being a positive thinker and having a positive mindset doesn’t stop the bad things happening, it just gives us the tools to deal with the bad things better and enjoy the good things more.

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