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I Am… Two of the Most Powerful Words in The World.

Updated: Apr 29

Man standing atop a mountain, above the clouds with blog title of I am... Two of the most powerful words in the world, for what you put after them defines you.

I Am… two of the most powerful words in the world, for what you put after them, defines you.

Think about that for a moment…

How would you finish this sentence?

I Am _______________________________________________________________

A failure


Stuck in a job I hate



An idiot








Wishing for a better life







Or do you finish the statement with:



Living life my way

Happy with who I am

Focused on what I want

Working for what I want in life



Happy in my own company

Learning everyday

Enjoying life

Living my best life







Surrounded by love

Happy with my body




Do any of those ring a bell with you? Did you pick more off the first list or last list?

I know it’s hard not to criticise yourself and I’m sure we have all used things of the first list or something similar on more than one occasion. The problem is if we keep telling ourselves that’s what we are, that is what we become.

And that’s the message we are giving out to everyone we meet; they see that we feel negative about ourselves and just go with it. Which creates a vicious circle,

Negative thoughts cycle diagram

If you have never used any of the second list, and even if you do already, try using one of the positive words (it doesn’t have to be off of this list, use any positive word or statement you choose) once a day for the next week.

If you can, look in the mirror as you do it. If not just say it out loud. Try doing it as you get ready in the morning to start you day off well.

I love the power of saying them to myself in the mirror, but I also like to write out my positive statements and pin them up in the shower and say them out loud as I imagine myself washing away any negative thoughts I have.

You can say it in the car on the way to work, you can say it as many times during the day as you want. Just say it, with as much meaning as you can and see the difference it makes to how you feel.

To shift your mind set from thinking of yourself negatively to positively is going to take more than one statement a day for a week, but it’s a great place to start.

As the positive statement starts to work its magic on you, you will begin to notice when you have a negative thought about yourself. Don’t beat yourself up about it – that’s counterproductive – Instead just recognise it and if you catch it in time, don’t finish it, then replace it with one of your positive ones.

Most of the big changes we have to make to get us where we want to be, including mind set matters are not achievable overnight. Small, baby-steps, will still get you there.

So be patient and keep working at it until every time you start a sentence with I Am... you finish it with such a positive statement that you don’t have to think about it, hesitate over it or doubt it!

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