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Two Simple Ways to Remember to Say Your Positive Affirmations Every Day

Finding time to say your positive affirmations can be tricky, remembering to find the time and say them regularly can be even harder. Until you get into the habit of saying them as part of your daily routine it can feel like work, it’s all too hard and you end up not doing them at all.

I found myself in the same situation when I first started using affirmations and wanted a way to incorporate them into what I was already doing, then it hit me, I had a ‘light bulb’ moment!

I was having to change my password on my computer at work one day when I saw a poster over the other side of the room that said I Can Do it and I suddenly thought… ‘Passwords would be great for my affirmations’. We all use them all the time, I can have to use it up to ten times a day when my screen locks.

I changed it at that moment to ‘Icandoit1’

As I had to change my password on a regular basis at work, after that I used other affirmations or sometimes just a positive, uplifting word adding a number or an exclamation mark at the end.

Whatever it is you need to affirm to yourself or a word that makes you smile (Fantabulous and Marvellous always make me smile) can be a turned into a password, for your computer, laptop, phone, tablet or any other device you use.

· ILoveLife1

· LifeisGood!

· TodayisGreat1

· Happiness1

· Marvellous1

· Fantabulous2

· Icandoit1

· Sunshine3

· Flowers1

· IamGrateful1

· Thankyou2

· Wonderful1

· IamEmpowered2

· IamSafe2

· Smilemore1

· LifeisFun2

· Istaycalm2

· AlwaysHappy2

· IcanandIwill1

· Letsdothis2

· Keepgoing3

· Iamstrong1

· Iloveme1

· Lifeisamazing1

· Delightful1

· Laughter

· Sensational1

· Organised2

· IamHealthy1

· IamWealthy2

· IamBrave2

· Opportunity1

· Happyday!

· IamFabulous2

· Sparkle1

· ActuallyICan2

· LookingGood1

· SlenderBrenda1

Feel free to pick any off my list or maybe you already have some affirmations you could use.

A second way to remind yourself of your positive affirmations is

also simple and quick to do and you’ll see it every day as a prompt.

Again, it goes back to the fact we are all reliant on our technology, most of us have smart phones, laptops and/or computers, tablets etc. and we use them every day. We can be looking at them ten times a day or more…

Find an affirmation that resonates with you and save it to your device, then set it as your wallpaper/background/screen saver - here's a few for you to choose from:

Remember, you are better than you think you are xx

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