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Why Saying ‘Thank You’ is More Important Than You Think

Updated: Apr 29

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I was walking back to my car at my local supermarket the other day, when a car stopped to let me cross the crossing in the road. I looked at the driver and as my hands were too full of shopping bags to wave ‘thank you’ I smiled and gave him a nod, instantly he smiled back and lifted his hand in a gesture that said, ‘you’re welcome’.

It occurred to me that this was such a small, simple transaction of non-verbal communication between two complete strangers – yet we both come away from it smiling. How awesome is that!

Saying 'Thank you' costs absolutely nothing and takes a nano-second, yet it could make someone's day!

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“Saying thank you is more than just good manners. It is good spirituality.” – Alfred Painter

Being kind to another human being without expecting anything in return is an awesome thing to do, but when you get a wave, a nod or a smile in recognition of your kindness it can lift you up and can even restore your faith in humanity, a reminder that deep down most people are good people.

Not everyone takes the time to say thank you when a car has stopped for them, I don’t know if it’s just they are so busy in their mind, or they were just never taught to say thank you, but I do know than when I stop and half a dozen people walk across and if even just one says thanks, I always appreciate it and return the smile, wave, nod too.

We All Appreciate Being Appreciated!

Kindness and gratitude are two things that we can never have too much of in this world. We can all spread a little bit of both as we go about our days. And one of the best thing about both kindness and gratitude is that they just as beneficial to the giver as they are to the recipients. You cannot help but feel better and brighter when you are kind to someone else, the same when you are grateful, it is an instant mood lifter.

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“Develop an attitude of gratitude. Say thank you to everyone you meet for everything they do for you.” – Brian Tracy

This world of ours is becoming so busy that we can forget to say thank you when someone does something kind for us and makes life a little bit easier or safer. So, the next time someone stops or slows down to help you cross the road safely, give ‘em a smile and a little wave or a nod to let them know you appreciate their kindness.

I hope you enjoyed reading Why Saying ‘Thank You’ is More Important Than You Think.

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