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16 Positive Affirmations to Make Today a Great Day!

Updated: Apr 29

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Every day we wake up we have a choice to make… we can decide right there and then in that precious moment, that today is going to be a fantastic day.


This is because despite what happens to us, and around us, our attitude is the determining factor in whether it will be a good day or not.


Yes, good things may still happen if we have a negative attitude, but we are less likely to notice them or pay any attention to them. It is far more likely that we will we just see the bad stuff.

And likewise, bad things happen even if we have a positive attitude but guess what… we won’t notice the ones that don’t concern us and when negative things happen to us, we find solutions much quicker. We shake off the little things that used to bother us. We don’t complain about things we have no control over. the day becomes lighter, brighter, and fun to experience.

But how to get your mind in a positive state first thing in the morning?

Firstly, plan to be in a good mood when you wake up before you go to sleep. I know it sounds a little bizarre, but if you go to bed thinking that you are going to have a great night’s sleep and wake up feeling full of positive energy, excited for the day ahead you will be surprised at just what a difference it can make.

But in the off chance you don’t bounce out of bed, try picking one or more of these positive affirmations and say them out loud as you shower and get ready to make today your best day so far…

Which one of these 16 Positive Affirmations is going to Make your day a great day?

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1. Today I feel gratitude for all the good in my life.

2. Today I choose positivity.

Woman fitness training on the beach.

3.Today I am filled with positive energy.

4. Today I choose to think positive thoughts.

Woman appreciating and smiling at herself in the mirror.

5. Today I recognise my own self-worth and beauty.

Woman doing Yoga on a stand up paddle board.

6. Today I will try something new.

7. Today I focus on the good and the positive.

8. Today I abandon old negative habits and replace them with new positive ones.

9. Today I do something that makes my heart happy.

10. Today I radiate love and kindness to everyone I meet.

Woman in fitness clothes ready to start running.

11. Today I take steps toward my goals.

12. Today I things are going my way all day.

Woman standing in front of presentation board in office.

13. Today I see the opportunities that come my way.

14. Today I trust myself to make the right decisions.

Woman meditating at her desk.

15. Today I stay calm and in control in all situations.

Woman looking focused after fitness boxing session.

16. Today I believe in myself and know I can do anything.

Poter of all affirmations with background of woman holding both arms up in 'Rocky' pose.

Make your day is as awesome as you are!

I Hope you enjoyed these 16 Positive Affirmations to Make Today a Great Day!

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