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Positive Thinking vs Wishful Thinking

Updated: Apr 29

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So, what’s the difference, they are the same aren’t they?

Well, yes and no. They do have commonalities, so in some ways they are similar, but in other ways they are worlds apart.

The things they have in common are that they are both wanting positive change of some sort, both want a better life, both want things to be different, things to be better than they currently are.

So, what are the differences between Positive Thinking v’s Wishful Thinking, they start to show up when you look at what change you want…

If you are wanting to win $20 million on the lottery, buy a big house and live the life of riley…


If you are dreaming of Brad Pitt bumping into you in the shopping centre and instantly falling in love with you and the two of you living happily ever after in his LA mansion…


If you are dreaming of some handsome stranger whisking you of your feet and in the process solving all of your problems…

Thinking that any ONE thing is going to change your life is wishful thinking, a magic wand is not going to change your life (even Harry Potter needed to add positive thinking to get the best out of his wand) and if by some miracle it does, it will be temporary. How many lottery winners do you hear of that lose or spend all their money and end up back where they started?

On the other hand, if you are wanting to:

List of possible things people would like to change or improve in their lives

Yes, yes, I know the list is long and I could have easily of added more. Some will resonate with you, others may not, I’m sure you could add a lot of your own to the list too.

The point is, that whatever it is you want more of in your life – love, friends, achievements, money, relaxation, fun, enjoyment, confidence etc. Positive thinking can help you to get more of.

And whatever you want less of in your life – stress, problems, worry, fear, negative self-talk, clutter, anxiety, tension, etc. Positive thinking can help you to lessen.

There is no magic wand – no one thing that is going to change your life for the better forever, in an instant. You have to put in the effort, you have to make the decision to make you life and yourself better.

Is it easy? No. but it is simple.

Does it seem to hard at times. Yes. But so is living a life you are not happy with.

It’s your choice, your decision. If you decide to jump on your positive thinking journey, to start to live a positive life and change your thinking, there are lots of us out there to help you on your journey and lots of resources to get you started and to keep you going including my book Positive Thinking For Beginners or you the book that got me started ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ by Louise Hay.

Once you get going you’ll be able to fun with it and you’ll be so busy that you won’t want to waste any more time on wishful thinking.

I hope you enjoyed reading Positive Thinking v’s Wishful Thinking, don't forget to Save it to your Pinterest boards for later :)

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