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3 Daily Habits That Will Totally Change Your Life!

Updated: Apr 29

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This is a little daily challenge I set myself a while ago after realising my self-care was not what it should be.

Self-care is not just a bit of pampering but getting the best out of yourself, adding the good stuff and deleting the negative. A good self-care routine will help you get to be the best version of you.

These three things work on different areas of self-care and self-improvement and add a bit a fun to the process.

1. Do one thing you love to do.

By doing something you love to do you are making sure your day has some personal joy and some self-care. It could be sitting in the park by the lake, a stroll on the beach, a bubble bath, a coffee from your favourite coffee shop, curling up with a good book, just ask yourself what you really want to do and do it. It doesn’t matter what you choose, whether big or small, just as long as it is something that is just for you.

Main benefits – Taking just a few minutes for yourself is telling yourself you are worthy of the good things in life. Doing something you love to do will help you to be in the moment, which will calm both the body and the mind. What ever you choose to do, just make sure it’s something that makes you feel good and makes you smile.

2. Do one thing you have to do.

Get one thing out of your ‘too hard basket’ something you have been putting off and do it.

It maybe a phone call you need to make or an email you need to send, a bill you need to pay, a chore you’ve been putting off. What ever it is, procrastinating isn’t going to make it go away or make it easier to deal with.

Rip off the band-aid and just get it done. Yes, you may not feel good before and maybe even during getting it done, but once it’s done, it’s done. that’s one less thing causing you stress and anxiety.

Main benefits – we are all guilty at some time of having a ‘too hard basket’ but everything we put in there is adding to our stress, maybe not consciously but the fact it’s sitting there waiting to be dealt with means it will keep popping it’s head up to remind us we need to do it, and each time it does it becomes harder and harder to approach. Pulling out just one a day will lighten the load of the basket without overwhelming you.

3. Do one thing you have never done before.

That’s right, get out of your comfort zone. Now before you say that you can’t do one new thing every day, it doesn’t have to be big – I’m not suggesting you go bungee jumping or skydiving each day, just one small difference each day.

Try parking in a different part of the work car park (you probably haven’t noticed but most of us tend to park in the same few spaces or area of any carpark we go to regularly). Try a different filling in your sandwich, order a cappuccino instead of a latte, drive or walk a different route, shop in a different supermarket, sit in a different seat when watching tv, buy a different shampoo… it doesn’t matter what it is or how small it is, just try one new thing.

Main benefits – when you do what you have always done, you don’t have to consciously think about it, (which is why it comes so easily) your unconscious mind takes over and you work on auto-pilot. Doing something you have never done before (or not done for a long time) gets your conscious mind involved.

Doing something new also has a positive effect on our self-confidence, the more new things you do the more new things you feel you can do, making you unstoppable!!! What new thing are you going to do today?

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Pin this to save for later, print it off and put it where you can see it every day to remind you to do all three things and see the difference it makes.

I hope you enjoyed 3 Daily Habits to Get the Best Out of Yourself don't forget to Save them to your Pinterest boards for later :)

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