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Why Adopting a Positive Attitude Could Make 2022 Your Best Year Yet!

Updated: Feb 19

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A New Year is about to begin, this is when we get to choose what we take with us into a new beginning and what we leave behind.

This is a great time to stop and really take stock of what we are putting into life, what we are doing, thinking, feeling and talking about. Our attitude determines where and how far we will go in life.

If you are not feeling positive, feeling stuck, or you are constantly talking negatively to yourself or about others, finding fault with everything, blaming everyone else, it’s time to let all that go and make this new year a new start… a new positive start.

Being positive isn’t about pretending that everything is ok, it about having such a positive outlook that you don’t get too overwhelmed by even the biggest problems life throws at you, instead you look for solutions. You find a way out, or a way through, you work toward your goals knowing that you will reach them, so you can go on to set new goals.

The right attitude will take you further than any talent alone.

What do you want out of the new year? Do you have goals? Do you have plans? Do you have dreams?

If you do and you want to give yourself the best chance of fulfilling them, of living your best life, you are going to need to let go of any negativity you are holding on to.

Things to let go of before 2022:

· Negative self-talk

· Gossiping about others

· Blaming others for what’s going on in your life

· Finding fault with things

· Feeling frustrated life isn’t going your way

· Feeling unmotivated

· Negative attitude

· People pleasing

· Comparing yourself

· Holding grudges

· Holding onto past hurts

Things to take into the New Year with you:

· Positive self-talk

· A good self-care routine

· Encouragement and support for others

· Kindness (self & others)

· Goals

· Self-belief

· Exercise regularly

· Positive attitude

· Start a Journal

· Expressing your emotions and feelings

· Be open to learning new things

· Find out who you are and what you want and do it on purpose

Person standing on top of a mountain above the clouds.

"Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude."

What a great way to start off a new year, entering it feeling filled with possibilities, knowing opportunities will come your way and that this coming year will be your best one yet, that you will change your life into the one you have always wanted to live. To know all of this and to feel and above all believe all of this will make this New Year’s Eve celebration one to really celebrate!

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What do you want to take with you into the new year?

What do you need to let go of and leave in 2021?

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