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Why Self-Care is More Important Than You Think it is.

Updated: Apr 27

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Self-care is now finally being recognised as one of, if not the most important thing we can do for ourselves. But why is it so important? And what exactly is it?

If you are stressed or overwhelmed or so busy you can’t even recognise that you are stressed and overwhelmed is a clear sign you need to add self-care to your busy schedule.

Without self-care you could hit burnout. Self-care helps you to manage stress, prioritise what’s important and see things in a clearer light.

A lot of people think it’s taking care of the outside – a face mask here and there, a manicure, a massage etc. and it is to some extent, but that is only a small part of self-care.

Diagram showing the different areas of self love as shown in the blog

True self-care is taking care of the whole you, not just the outside but inside too.

Your physical health including:

· a healthy balanced diet

· regular check-ups, doctors, dentist, optometrists

· regular exercise

· plenty of fresh air and sunshine

· getting a good night’s sleep

Your emotional/psychological health including:

· letting go of past traumas and events

· learning to trust yourself and others

· doing the things you have been putting off

· connecting with others

· forgive yourself and others

· doing things you love to do

· be creative

Your cognitive health including:

· learning something new

· understanding your thought processes

· facing or taking on new challenges

· getting out of your comfort zone

· meditation

· challenge yourself with games, puzzles & trivia

Your appearance including:

· keeping yourself clean and smelling fresh

· clean finger and toenails

· clean and tidy hair

· wearing clothes that make you feel good

· being comfortable in your own skin

· using accessories that make you feel good

Your environment including:

· creating yourself a sanctuary to unwind in

· de-cluttering excess and unnecessary items

· keeping your home clean and tidy

· organising your storage areas for easy access

· use of air fresheners, diffusers, scented candles

· things that make you smile/happy on display

· fresh air and daylight – open windows and blinds/curtains

All about you

· discover who you are and what you want out of life

· set yourself goals

· learn what you want or need to learn to get to where you want to be

· are your relationships good for you?

The reason all of the above are so important and why you need to take care of yourself in each and every way is that with great self-care comes self -love. And self-love becomes self-confidence, self-confidence added with a passion for life means you will be unstoppable.

Self-Care = Self Love

Self-Love = Self-Confidence

Self-Confidence + Passion for life = Great happiness, Success, Great relationships, etc…

Self-Care is the beginning of all that you want in life. If you start with self-care, the rest will follow, you will slowly fall in love with yourself, you will begin to like the person who stares back at you in the mirror. You will treat your self with respect. And a person who respects themselves doesn’t spend their life in a job they hate, with people who make them feel bad about themselves.

They go after what they want. They make changes to any area of their life that is not fulfilling them.

Self-Care is just the beginning of a wonderful journey to the rest of your wonderful life.

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