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Every Person is a Book, Each Year a New Chapter.

Updated: Apr 29

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Every year most of us make resolutions and goals for the new year. We do this because deep down we know we have control of how we live our life. Yet just a few weeks in and we have all but forgotten about the new person we were going to become and have slipped right back into last year’s model of us.

Remind yourself that this is a brand-new chapter, and it doesn’t need to be a repeat of the last one.

You get to choose… you can write this chapter with a whole new plot line if you want to, new location if that’s something that excites you, you can write in new characters and you can write out the villains of the last few chapters.


You can make this chapter called 2023 an exciting one, an adventurous one, a quiet one, a self-discovery one, it can be educational, romantic, goal achieving, happy, successful, empowering etc.

You can learn new things, experience new things, discover new things, you can grow into the person you have always wanted to be.

This chapter can be the best one you have ever experienced, this can be… whatever you want it to be!

Spend some time thinking about what you really want, and who you want to be. Then write out some goals that you will achieve this year.

Make some of them short term goals, and some long term – by the end of the year. Make some of them easier to achieve than others, make sure some are challenging and life changing.

Happy 2023!

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